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30+ Dori Blouse Designs In 2023 You Must Try

30+ Dori Blouse Designs In 2023 You Must Try

Blouse designs are trending these days. Would you like to wear it too? Then check this post to get Dori blouse designs in 2023.

Dori blouse designs are a popular style of Indian traditional blouses, characterized by a string or cord that is used to tie or fasten the blouse at the back. The string or cord is typically decorated with beads, tassels, or other embellishments. Dori blouses are a versatile style that can be paired with sarees, lehengas, or salwar suits.

Dori blouse designs can vary widely, with different types of necklines, sleeves, and backs. Some popular neckline designs for Dori blouses include the V-neck, sweetheart, and boat neck. Sleeve designs can range from sleeveless, cap sleeves, to full sleeves. Back designs can range from a simple string, to a more elaborate, detailed back with cutouts or lace work.

Many fashion designers and tailors offer custom-made Dori blouses and can create unique and exclusive designs to suit the customer’s preferences.


With the current trend, Dori blouses are also been paired with western wear like jeans, skirts, and shorts to create fusion wear. Hope you like our dori blouse designs collections.


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